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We are not just making pizzas... We are making memories!

About Us

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Home making pizza kits for the entire family to enjoy.
Re-establish what’s important…Gather your little ones and let’s teach each other how to spend our precious time together…cooking, laughing and enjoying these moments.
Handy little chefs can build their own pizzas at home with our gourmet pizza making kits. Watch our locally sourced, freshly prepared delicious ingredients come to life in your own kitchen and revel in the joy of teaching our children new skills.
As requested by our customers we have worked hard to bring the taste of Pizza & Co to your home in a safe and sanitised way. Our reputation was built on hand crafting our food with passion, using only fresh, high quality ingredients and in these testing times we are extending this love from our kitchen to yours.

How to make pizza in 5 Steps

Step 1:

Clean your work surface and then sprinkle a little flour.

Step 2:

Unwrap your dough, flatten, sprinkle a little more flour and use a rolling pin to roll out flat.

Step 3:

Place the flat dough base on your baking paper.

Step 4:

Add the tomato base, pizza cheese and toppings of choice

Step 5:

Let the pizza sit and proof for 15-20mins whilst the oven is preheating, then place your pizza in the oven at around 250 degrees for 5-mins. The time and temperature also depends on how thin you roll out your pizza dough.

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